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Is a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Really Worth It?

Earning a master’s degree in human resources (HR) not only enables graduates to help companies find and grow their workforce and guide employees on their journeys, it also creates professional benefits such as job security and flexibility. A master’s degree in HR also qualifies graduates for various positions in the field, particularly upper management jobs limited to those with an advanced degree. These career paths include positions such as HR manager, training and development specialist and HR consultant.

An online Master of Science (M.S.) Human Resource Management from the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) helps students gain leading-edge competencies and expert understanding of complex HR strategies and issues. This online program combines experiential learning with a focus on today’s most crucial HR issues, from employment law and globalization to labor relations and benefits.

Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree in Human Resources

According to many graduates, a master’s degree in HR is worth it. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the job outlook for HR managers at 7% through 2031, which is as fast as the average, and the median pay is approximately $126,230 per year, or $60.69 per hour. Common careers for those with this advanced degree include HR consultant, HR analyst, labor relations specialist, training and development specialist and compensation and benefits manager.

A master’s degree in HR can help graduates build an organization’s HR department, handle any issues and develop recruitment and employment policies. Below are some benefits of a career in HR:

  • Potential for higher roles. An advanced degree can open many doors to leadership positions. Job candidates with a master’s degree have more opportunities for leadership roles than those with a bachelor’s degree. Earning an HR degree shows potential employers the dedication to a career in HR.
  • Increased earning potential. While a yearly salary is typically based on years of experience, geographic location and specialization, a higher degree often corresponds to increased earning potential. Top executive positions that require or prefer advanced degrees earn double and sometimes triple the salary compared to a position requiring a bachelor’s degree. While the average yearly salary for an HR manager is $126,230, an HR specialist’s average annual pay is $62,290, or $29.95 per hour.
  • Relevance. Although some parts of HR are automated, the field of HR requires the human element to interact with employees successfully. HR personnel, such as compensation and benefits specialists or recruiters, are integral to any organization.
  • Job security. Organizations will always need an HR department. HR managers not only recruit, interview and hire new employees, but they also oversee the administrative functions of a company. They serve as a link between the employees and the administration of an organization.

About the University of Illinois Springfield’s Online MS HR Management Program

The UIS online M.S. HR Management program provides a thorough HR education to prepare students for multiple roles in the field of HR. This program offers coursework on various topics and knowledge that students can experience, such as current and developing human resource technologies in HR Information Systems or the nature of navigation of labor discussions in Labor Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

Learn more about the University of Illinois Springfield’s online MS HR Management program.

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