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We’re proud to be one of three universities in the world-class University of Illinois System. UIS is dedicated to fully engaging students in active teaching and learning and empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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The University of Illinois Springfield provides a uniquely student-centered educational experience both in and out of the classroom through active learning, meaningful research and impactful civic engagement that prepares graduates to contribute fully to society. 


The University of Illinois Springfield will be a pathway to opportunity, a catalyst for change and a space of possibility where learners become ethical and passionate scholars, leaders and citizens capable of transforming their local and global communities.


  • Student-focused Teaching and Learning We place student development – fostered through meaningful interactions among students, faculty, staff and the community – at the core of all University activities.
  • Integrity We conduct ourselves with honesty, professionalism and respect for others, accepting responsibility for the ethical consequences of our ideas and actions.
  • Inquiry We seek to understand the world around us through the mastery of core skills of perception, analysis and expression, through the acquisition of knowledge and through the pursuit of scholarship that is challenging and significant.
  • Civic Engagement We build meaningful relationships that enable us to both learn from and contribute to our local and global communities.
  • Diversity We embrace diversity in all its forms as both an intellectual commitment and a social responsibility, and we foster an inclusive culture that recognizes the needs and contributions of every individual.
  • Strategic Thinking We are a proactive learning organization committed to continuous improvement, evidence-based decision-making and innovation.
  • Accountability We translate intentions into actions via shared governance and fiscal stewardship, holding decision-makers responsible to our students, colleagues and other stakeholders.

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