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What Jobs Can I Get with an MBA in Accounting Data Analytics?

Before getting into the potential job opportunities for graduates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting Data Analytics, it’s important to understand the foundation of data analytics.

Data analytics involves systematically analyzing data sets to extract valuable insights, inform decision-making and enhance business performance. The synergy between accounting principles and data-driven approaches sets the stage for a unique skill set acquired through an online MBA with a Concentration in Accounting Data Analytics program from the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS).

The marriage of accounting and data analytics provides professionals with the ability to navigate business challenges. The University of Illinois Springfield’s online MBA with a Concentration in Accounting Data Analytics program fosters a strategic mindset that blends financial expertise with data-driven solutions. Graduates emerge with a competitive edge, ready to tackle various roles in the business world.

What Can You Do With an MBA in Accounting?

Upon completing an online MBA in Accounting Data Analytics, graduates have a variety of career paths, each offering distinct challenges and rewards. Here are five careers that showcase the versatility of this degree:

  1. Senior financial analyst. Senior financial analysts are essential in assessing financial data, preparing reports and providing strategic recommendations to enhance organizational profitability. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to interpret data trends and contribute to informed decision-making. The average salary for a senior financial analyst with an MBA in Accounting Data Analytics is $96,423 annually, or $46 per hour.
  2. Accountants focusing on data analytics leverage their expertise to ensure accurate financial reporting. They use advanced analytics tools to identify patterns, detect anomalies and contribute to financial transparency. Accountants are key to maintaining the security of financial records. With an MBA in Accounting Data Analytics, accountants can command an average annual salary of $78,000, or $37.50 per hour, due to their ability to merge traditional accounting principles with advanced data insights.
  3. Director of finance. As a director of finance, professionals oversee the financial health of an organization. They provide strategic guidance, manage budgets and leverage data analytics to forecast trends. The role demands a comprehensive understanding of financial management and a forward-thinking approach. Directors of finance with an MBA in Accounting Data Analytics can earn a substantial average annual salary of approximately $111,387.
  4. Accounting manager. Accounting managers take on a supervisory role, leading accounting teams and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. With a focus on data analytics, they optimize processes, implement efficient reporting and contribute to the organization’s financial success. The average annual salary for an accounting manager with an MBA in Accounting Data Analytics is $77,432.
  5. Financial risk specialist. Financial risk specialists analyze data to identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies. They play a crucial role in safeguarding the financial stability of an organization and have a deep understanding of both financial principles and data analytics. With an MBA in Accounting Data Analytics, financial risk specialists can command an annual salary of approximately $116,140, or $55.84 per hour.

About the University of Illinois Springfield’s Online MBA in Accounting Data Analytics Program

UIS’ online MBA with a Concentration in Accounting Data Analytics program empowers graduates to embrace diverse roles in the field of finance. The combination of accounting expertise and data analytics proficiency positions professionals for success in a range of lucrative and important positions, all while offering the flexibility to pursue goals like the CPA exam. This skill set is a testament to the overall preparation provided by the UIS program, ensuring graduates are well equipped for the challenges found in the fields of accounting and business.

Learn more about UIS’ online MBA with a Concentration in Accounting Data Analytics program.

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